Who writes on this site?

I’m Ricky, a Christian who humbly strives to speak truth in love. I affirm the 5 solas and the doctrines of grace.

What is Top Secret Area?

It’s my space to share thoughts and ideas. There is no limit to the topics I cover on this site. I mainly write about theology and the Bible. I hope to encourage people to think critically and biblically as well as point people to the hope that is found in Christ alone. I want to see people be like the Bereans, that they would compare what I say and others say about God and theology to Scripture. I also write about cultural issues, life, the arts, relationships, mental health, veganism, video games, and many other topics.

Why is the site named Top Secret Area?

Video games have been a part of my life since I was a young kid. My site name is a reference to the secret level in Super Mario World called “Top Secret Area”.